notes on this day; wild heart

As everyone and their mother knows, I am, in fact, a Directioner. [Here are some posts mentioning or featuring my love for them.] With Zayn leaving the band, my OT5, OT3 (Zourry) and second OTP (Zouis) have all been destroyed. I am very sad and also very confused; how does a fangirl recover? I even missed half of…

x the game is to make people think you’re not even playing

now it’s three in the morning /

first impressions count, when you’re determining social behavior in the next two, three interactions. like entertaining birds initiating a mating ritual, we observe for visual cues. words, tone. but they won’t count forever. impressions can do nothing but evolve, unless you’re particularly and stupidly prejudiced. unless there comes no opportunity for evolution, in which case. sucks….

i sat on my chair and i wrote,

It’s 1AM. Here in Manila, after catching the last showing of Crazy, Beautiful You in the cinemas. It was a good film. Things that are also catching: exams, relationships, GHD and the future.

observations on the self, une.

i have the kind of earnestness that is manufactured and consumed an honesty that lies over the yellowing surface of gritted teeth (prescribed by doctors and thieves) here is a dress i wear to politics and heartbreak and this dress is the skin i wear everyday

Super important memo

To: The Education System, specifically The Very Expensive Education System From: Jari Monteagudo Date: Perpetuity I am not made of money, no matter how much I wish it. Neither am I made of relentless energy. Please change policies accordingly.

What if.

If my father didn’t die, if I didn’t go to St. Scho. If I didn’t throw that letter or laugh at someone’s words. But mostly I’m wondering what my life would have been like, had I not discovered erotic fanfiction at age 13. Or something.

I like to

I like to hum the soundtrack of my life as I walk.