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bisexual life in a heteronormative world means i’ve had close girl friends and girlfriends, but not that much of close boy friends and boyfriends, as they seem to become one and the same eventually. anyway i’m actually literally just delaying the inevitable (getting out of bed again).

I think @taylorswift13’s next PR move (or at least definitely queued, as to not seem so obvious) is to get a black female best friend to add to her squad. Obviously. My thoughts on the whole Gender/Race Twitter discussion [+ a helpful comments thread if you click the link] here (x):

I reject your realism and your realistic depictions of things that can happen every day. If you’re going to shove a metaphor about cancer/poverty/fragile humanity down my throat, do it with high elves. Or giant robots.

Botticelli’s women are always beautiful.

I once knew a girl who had fair and glowing skin. She wasn’t like me; she looked nothing like me. Her delicate features sloped in blurred, unassuming lines. Welcoming. Peaceful. They commanded the eyes to follow. She had golden-brown hair, with the kind of curls you don’t expect to be smooth and soft to touch….


The page begins with the question Do you think I’ll break your heart? and later ends with a reminder to self, that the loveliest things in the world don’t come for free; they need to be paid with a currency of regrets and hopes and bravery. And in the middle, the letter admits: a single…

draft: lessons in magic. and

Lessons in Magic, last night. “Here is what you must always remember,” she said, “all forms of magic require the entirety of the universe. You have to fill yourself up, from the dirt of your feet to the edges of your sight, with the lightness of the sky. Consume everything, weightless, until your fingertips reach…

Life Update: hi

The story: [Two Pronged] Masturbating grandchild In third grade I read a book which described how masturbation is actually a natural process and an instinct –because we’re naturally curious about the world and our bodies, because we are inclined to pleasure. And then for some reason we, as a society (as many societies), developed norms…