m:millennial, md, mba (in training)

Hello! This is the personal blog of Jari M. Sometimes I can’t help but type words out into the universe, which is the digital equivalent of screaming out into the great nothingness. Look around. You might find something to write about too. Or scream.

jari m also moonlights as a travel blog, art and poetry space, and social activism journal in its spare time.

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I have a dedicated page for my travels (and a tag). This blog also has categories for my prose, essays and poetry, for my more visual art and art reviews, and for my thoughts on health.

You can also check out my tags to follow my journey as a dual degree medical student in ASMPH, and as an amateur chef in lazy kitchen episodes.

General Disclaimer

Embedded pictures, videos and quotes ideally link back to their source or are properly credited.

Sociopolitical, cultural and other stances posted here change as much as all things do. Out-of-context quotations and criticisms of words published here (especially those written years ago) will not be tolerated.


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Born near the turn of the century. Grew up with thoughts of feminism, social activism, and servant-leadership thanks to St. Scholastica’s College Manila. Attained a bachelor’s degree BS Biology from the University of the Philippines Manila, graduating with cum laude honors in 2016. Recently copmleted a dual degree in Doctor of Medicine and Master in Business Adminstration from the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health.

Extracurricular activities include competing in local, national and international debate tournaments, writing for organizational publications and competitions, and consuming and creating art.

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  1. Peng Garing says:

    Nice blog. Enjoyed reading :-)

  2. anonymous says:

    hope you continue blogging about the asmph life ❤ loved your entries

    1. Thank you so much! :)

  3. cheesecake says:

    autofollow kapag pinoy :D

  4. Monch Weller says:

    Hello there, thank you for following The Monching’s Guide!

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