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The story: [Two Pronged] Masturbating grandchild

In third grade I read a book which described how masturbation is actually a natural process and an instinct –because we’re naturally curious about the world and our bodies, because we are inclined to pleasure. And then for some reason we, as a society (as many societies), developed norms that go against that behavior. We tell children not to touch their genitals, even in private, to the sad effect that there are loads of women out there who don’t even know what their labias look like in reality. Because at some point someone told us it’s not okay with no explanation. Because no one said it’s biological and not socially deviant. So now we’ve got an insidious association of shame and guilt when we try to love our own bodies. 💙💚💛💜

Life Update Waiting for my sister and my brother, who’ve decided to take lots of pictures streetside in Shinjuku. I can’t blame them.


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  1. Clyde Lied says:

    Holy-moley!! …”third grade”?! I probably could’ve been better-off with some-such book in Kindergarten even! Yep society is bass-ackward – anything positive & natural is twisted & torn into the negative & unnatural.

    1. I’m not sure if I read it directly from the book, or maybe the thought process was inspired by reading it; regardless, the book in question is Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. I think my Catholic school librarian saw the title and didn’t bother to filter the book for its unconventional contents :) And I am very thankful for the irony.

      And yes, society is what it is. Somehow we’ve turned arbitrary, oppressive and unsustainable social structures into a necessity.

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