diy floriography cards

Hi everyone! Happy new year! I want to start the year off right –by giving thanks to the people around me and by spreading the love. What better way to do that than by sending cute personalized cards to people? Before I start with this super short tutorial, I just want to say sorry for…

casual pursuits: a lazy art+productivity post

Sometimes you’ve got no direction, nothing to send your love to. What comes out may be shit and disorderly, but at least it’s yours. x x x i fell in love with a man named matilda; he had flowers in his hair and thorns on his lips; oh, oh, i fell in love with a…

Artdump 99

hi laughs like an ugly centipede i am so out of it (i’m actually supposed to be studying i’ve got my southern blend iced tea and notes ready and everything but instead i’ve got this)

Meet Orange.

I haven’t seen Yellow (my A.G. Spalding) in almost a month. Hence the new Sheaffer. Hope Orange gets to meet her missing older sister sometime. :( xxx It’s not impulse buying. It’s love.

My love of fountain pens, explored.

I am (unapologetically) fixated on stationery and notebooks. A lot of my feelings about notebooks can be found here [1], but my love for stationery (specifically nib pens) have never really made it to this blog. Until now. I can’t really post pictures of all the pens I’ve collected through the years, since it feels vaguely more braggart-like…

Pen and Pencils: New art style?

I started a #TenMinuteStudyBreak from Physics 51 and ended up with this in my reviewer and a total loss of one hour. Sigh. Note to self: when you listen to a motivating playlist, productivity will happen. But not necessarily the studying kind.

Art Recs: Ashley Mackenzie + Alexander Khokhlov

Sometimes I forget that images can be more puissant than words.   The visual flair of Ashley Mackenzie‘s works demonstrates a striking transcendence through dimensions. What makes it so evocative is the nature of the barriers that she breaks; previously unthought of physical territories are unravelled and then stitched together through a thematic motion of form….

Pens and Photoshop: mixed media is awesome

  1: I really wanted to use my relatively new Sharpie metallic gold and silver pens. 2: We had black paper lying around. 3: Something Filipino to give more zest. 4: I was too lazy to paint, so Photoshop it was. Surprisingly fun to do. 5: The universe naturally tends towards chaos. We tend to…

Pens and Pencils: Botanical Hearts

Featuring grainy pictures of ‘Wood you be my valentine?’, ‘Awkward stomate’ and ‘No effort was made’. Inspired by Bio 101 Plant Anatomy Classes.

Art: Notebook Designs! Part Un.

For the past two weeks or so, I’ve taken to transforming plain Muji notebooks (five pieces at P215, 30 sheets each) into not-plain ones with a Sharpie pen, my trusty Staedler set, pencils and some other miscellaneous gel pens.  (Note) I love Muji. :) I especially like their packaging and the design of the store…