Artdump 99



laughs like an ugly centipede

i am so out of it

(i’m actually supposed to be studying

i’ve got my southern blend iced tea and notes ready and everything

but instead i’ve got this)


Front page.

BEE HEAD, life master: When the heart breaks, the noise of the world turns into a deafening silence. Every natural sound becomes an internal narrative, a repeated reminder of “I used to be (happy)“. The bed becomes the place where you used to greet the once shining sun, the table the place where you wrote such sweet letters and every step is a memory of how lovely things used to be.

ME: DON’T GIVE ME SHIT, bee head.


Currently reading E.M. Forster’s novel. I began reading it because I saw a nice quote online. The libfem feels.

Conversation was tedious; she wanted something big… This she might not attempt. It was unladylike. Why? Why were most big things unladylike? Charlotte had once explained it to her why. It was not that ladies were inferior to men; it was that they were different. Their mission was to inspire others to achieve rather than to achieve themselves.

A Room with a View, E.M. Forster

But Italy worked some marvel in her. It gave her light and it gave her shadow. She was like a woman of Leonardo da Vinci’s whom we love not so much for herself as for the things that she will not tell us. The things are assuredly not of this life, no woman of Leonardo’s could have anything so vulgar as a “story”.

A Room with a View, E.M. Forster

Marina and the Diamond’s new album, Froot, is something I am definitely looking forward to. Times have been difficult.

I know I’m playing with your heart
and I could treat you better, but I’m not that smart.
It isn’t fair and it isn’t right,
to lead you on like it’s all alright.
I’ll ruin, yeah, I’ll ruin you.
I’ve been doing things I shouldn’t do.
You still mean everything to me
but I wanna be free.

I’m a Ruin, Marina and the Diamonds

Yesterday I attended the PDU Debate Workshop in Asian Development Bank. Main impressions: traffic, food, sleep, doodling… civil and political rights, gender and sexuality, international law, health.

The cry awoke Balintawak
and the echoes answered back, “Freedom!”
All the four winds listened long,
to the shrieking of…

1896, Aurelio Alvero

But I wrote 1986 on the artdump above to thank EDSA for giving me the gift of heavy traffic.

Still exhausted. The rest of the notebook carry my tears. And the rest of tonight will carry my silence.

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