Pen and Pencils: New art style?

I started a #TenMinuteStudyBreak from Physics 51 and ended up with this in my reviewer and a total loss of one hour. Sigh. Note to self: when you listen to a motivating playlist, productivity will happen. But not necessarily the studying kind.

Detail (upper)

20140225_010934The style mimics the digital art style which in turn imitates mixed media collages. I think…? Haha! No technical art knowledge here. :< I’ve never tried it before, and I think if I work on it a little bit more I could do something awesome with it. And obviously if I use better paper and a pen which doesn’t come from Divisoria. And if my hands aren’t as tired, or I have watercolor… what (#excuses).

Back to Physics in ten minutes! PROMISE. And I think I’ll share my We, the Queen playlist sometime, because feminism and girl power are the gospel truth.

Detail (lower)


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