My love of fountain pens, explored.

I am (unapologetically) fixated on stationery and notebooks. A lot of my feelings about notebooks can be found here [1], but my love for stationery (specifically nib pens) have never really made it to this blog.

Until now.

I can’t really post pictures of all the pens I’ve collected through the years, since it feels vaguely more braggart-like than sharing my notebooks, and also I’ve honestly used all of my pens, so they’re not really fit for public consumption out of their impressive boxes.

But I can share today my newest acquisition, this A. G. Spalding & Bros BRFT180 Medium Nib with Translucent (Yellow) Body Fountain Pen that I bought from Kinokuniya.

View the jetpens catalog entry for specs! :) ...and sorry for the crap lighting.
View the jetpens catalog entry for specs! :) …and sorry for the crap lighting.

I’m just so uncontrollably happy about it. Why? Well, it’s not just the awesome yellow color. It’s the fact that jetpens puts the price at $30.00, and I bought it for less than $10!!! And it works divinely –though not perfectly. So here’s a working review.

Because of my thrifty happiness (I spend a lot but I spend on thrifty things, okay… or at least very rarely on expensive stuff), I spewed out a bunch of stuff about fp basics. Have a look:




(Okay so my writing’s a lot bit messy…)

The pen itself is very beautiful and quite casual, but the frosted body really adds a different aesthetic twist to your regular fountain pens [2]. It came with dark ink, but notably and even better, the pen can store up to two spare cartridges. The cartridge itself is international size, so it’s easy to replace [3]. The medium metal nib is a joy, as the writing was very smooth. It was like writing with a good ballpoint pen. However, it does leave a lot of room for smudging, the horror (as seen in some parts of my sketch), so it’s a bit medium to broad in terms of grade to be honest. A bit of that might have been due to the paper –I wrote on a Yeah! notebook that’s probably less than two dollars in price (definitely not high quality or fp friendly).

But really –it’s pretty and cheap, so that’s a wrap for me!




Actual Footnotes: 
[1] Which I honestly haven’t gotten around to updating. Oh well.

[2] These things are practically becoming a trend, though. Like those see through electric guitars and those Pilot G-Tecs…

[3] The only available box of three cartridges in most National Bookstore branches (Inoxcrom) is priced at Php37.50 or less than a dollar.

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  1. Going back to these posts and I am shookt by the incredibly bad quality of both the photos… and the writing. Lol. Self-roasting going on. I should be studying. What is this comment.

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