It’s coming to a close

The first day of classes this 2014 is right around the corner [AND TRUST ME I WANT TO CRY] so I’ve decided to recap my awesome (not really) holidays.  + + + first post of the year (fireworkssss) Family and Friends and Stuff Fast-paced Christmas. Christmas Eve | 8PM Christmas delights at the Paranaque home | 9PM/10PM Travel to…

Paint: 1, Images

we’ve got nothing else  but to navigate the stars and later, as well become the dust we chase   we are the universe knowing itself .

Art Recs: All over the internet

In an effort to clean up my reading list/ bookmarks page and to attain some level of productivity tonight, have some art recs! (I’m still not done going over my saved links though; I’m pretty sure I’ve saved more awesome art!) FABIO SELVATICI’S OBSCURE SERIES, Photomanipulation Pyschosomatic (adj.): a condition caused or aggravated by a…

Paint: Happy Mothers’ Day!

This made me (re)realize a couple of things: First, I really don’t know how to paint anything resembling a straight line. Second, I want a tablet for digital painting. Sigh. Third, scanning brings out the unique texture of the canvas.  Fourth, I love my mom. 

Paint: First Artwork for the Year 2012.

Hello. :) This is my first “real” artwork for the year, and so it seems largely unpracticed and messy. Haha. It’s just a “Happy Day! (No Occassion)” gift for a friend who likes Star Wars, Math and Music, so I suppose it doesn’t have to be perfect. Finished over three hours (including the time spent…