Acrylic: Kiss of Passion (Remix)

I seem to have a habit of making reproductions.

Leonid Afremov’s gorgeous oil painting Kiss of Passion has somehow found its way into my floor gallery, thanks to the Laleng Art hack.

The floor gallery (because I’ve never heard of hanging canvasses on walls, apparently. Or of frames):


The thing, at 40x50cm:


I think the photos turned out pretty well –mostly because I borrowed my sister‘s Fujifilm camera. Thanks, sis!



Like most things, it’s better viewed from afar.

I’m very thankful that I got to finish this project before med school began (I finished it Tuesday night; our transition summer for ASMPH began Wednesday afternoon). Otherwise, who knows when I’d complete this project?

Twitter paid witness to the art procress:

So I guess that means you should follow me on Twitter and Instagram, maybe:

T: Lazy Jari @gudejari
I: Jari Monteagudo @jari_1995


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