It’s coming to a close

The first day of classes this 2014 is right around the corner [AND TRUST ME I WANT TO CRY] so I’ve decided to recap my awesome (not really) holidays. 

+ + + first post of the year (fireworkssss)

Family and Friends and Stuff

  • Fast-paced Christmas. Christmas Eve | 8PM Christmas delights at the Paranaque home | 9PM/10PM Travel to Cainta, Rizal for Christmas with the Monteagudo side of the family | 12AM Start of the noche buena and festivities || Christmas Day | 3AM Travel to Nagcarlan, Laguna for Christmas with the S side of the family | 3PM Christmas Day Mass | 6PM Travel to Paranaque to end the Christmas funtimes
  • College Christmas Parties before the break. That’s my debate circle friends [food food and food + exchange gifts], AIESEC friends [very pseudo-Christmas SU Meeting with food] and blockmates [I’m not really sure, but some competitive spirit and exchange gifts involved], late night coffee date with a friend, inadvisable happenings in Taft. In the name of Jesus.
  • And a sad New Year, celebration-wise and just for me. Three days prior was the wedding of my first cousin (Dec 28) and their souvenir happened to be M&Ms. And I ate lots of it. Result? Me with a fever Dec 30 (in SM Aura for S side celebration, then Robinson Galleria with a family friend from the states), useless during media noche preparation Dec 31, and in Manila for a check-up Jan 1. Not the most auspicious start for the year… but arbitrary dates aren’t the foundation of a year’s worth of luck in the first place.



  • I painted. Which was cool, and I’ve missed it. But the lack of paintbrushes irritate me ( + the fact that the ones I do have are a bit low qual). Hihi won’t get to do this again in a very long while. I also played some tennis. Finally. My body ached like hell after that first play back though. 
  • I pseudo-studied. My efforts went along the lines of downloading (finally!) the lecture slides for Physics 51 and half-finishing my part for the Chem 40 report. That’s basically it.
  • I did not clean my room. YET. The whole house (meaning ate Risa) keeps on bugging me about it so I should probably do it as some point to avoid her ire… 
  • I had my eyes checked. :) After more than a year I finally went back to my doctor at Asian Eye Institute to update my prescription and see if I need anything else. Every thing was pretty standard, except for this Retina Scan thing. They dilated my pupils for it, so in effect I walked around Rockwell after looking like I was scared for a really really long or I was just really really aroused. Also for a long time.
  • I bought a new notebook. And I am still all a flutter because of it. Say hello to Molekine’s The Hobbit Limited Edition plain notebook with 11 illustrations from the first edition. I am happiness personified. AND it only cost me Php1240 since there was a sale in Fullybooked Rockwell!! /Then we ate in Burgoo after, which explains the placemat with drawings.
  • We supported Philippine cinema. In fact, our family supports it so much that we watched four of the MMFF showings. My Little Bossings in SM Aura, Kimmy Dora: ang Kiyemeng Prequel in Greenbelt 3, Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy in Market! Market! and 10000 Hours in Rockwell. I’m not really sure what to say. Nothing has really changed (except for the special effects, which, bit more awesome!). 


Things To Do (this 2014):

  • Clean my room. + my area in the condo. Come on Jari you can do it. 
  • Be a better student. Be less late. Please. 
  • Accomplish all org-related goals. Yup. 
  • Drop my phone LESS. I am so sorry Sam. + take care of Bucky more.
  • Make friends.
  • Maintain my blogs. 
  • Read more books. !!!!
  • Live Love Laugh. 

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