Productivity and art and stuff

Some time ago I drew Louis Tomlinson’s face. That’s it.

Nah, that’s not all I’m blogging right now. But I did draw his face, and I’m either really excited or really scared of my future. I might turn to fan art, and then where would I be? Failing and distracted, that’s where.

So I also resolved last week to finish a painting I began in 2012 but never finished. I was inspired. Mostly by the book Life of Pi; the painting currently showed a weird unharmonized sky, and I wanted to lay down the sea. I was all set. I finally bought a new set of Pebeo acrylics and new brush types for the whole thing, but…

I’m here at home now, and I saw the unfinished painting again. Rest assured it will remain unfinished until the next dawn of inspiration, as it doesn’t seem to be salvageable. I grossly misremembered that unfinished painting. I doubt it would work at all.

But I guess that’s even better for my 2013 art hobby. My first painting would be a fresh work, entirely new. I might do it tomorrow, I think. Morning. At dawn.

(Who am I kidding?)


On another note, here’s a link to an intriguing commercial for posterity:

I think I can write another gender-based post with that ad as a source. Something about censorship and vague standards.


I am also very tired. Today I woke up at 4:26 am (I distinctly remember that) because we had to go to La Mesa Eco Dam-Park-whatever for a treeplanting activity. Treeplanting? Why yes. I was very surprised by the whole thing. I had no idea we had a trip involving manual labor set a couple of hours before our first Chemistry 14 departmental exam.

At the very least I now know how to commute to and fro Novaliches. LRT to Roosevelt, Jeep to Trinoma, to Quirino Ave, Bayan and then Lagro. Boom. Or alternatively, find an FX route Robinson’s Place (Commonwealth)-Buendia.

The Chem test was relatively fine. Not perfect, but fine.


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