For posterity. A short record of debate hijinks, family bonding and sad sick time.

My sister is now TWENTY-THREE !!! Isn’t that just crazy? Here’s to celebrating the most awesome sister in the world (she really is, okay)! Thank you for being the most consistent #stagesister or  #stageate, for knowing and kind of liking how to drive (huehue), for treating me to stuff and the whole family to movies (yay!), for forcing me to watch introducing me to new shows and random YouTube videos! I wish you all the best!!!!

So we met up in literally the middle of the week to dine in Fireside. It involved bro and me hanging out in a traffic jam for an hour, introducing bro to SM Megamall (again), my sis bringing us to this new place (I really feel like it’s a mainstream hipster thing) and my mom being my mom.

Also, sis seems to be on a crusade to introduce us to the new and cool food places. Thanks, sis!

Also also, look at my bro’s refusal to smile in my photos. I don’t think he supported my selfies that night…








The Global Health Debates is just around the corner! GHD is the first of its kind –an international debate tournament focused on health and targetted towards a unique audience of health movers and shakers. And –get this– the UP Manila Debate Circle just happens to be hosting it! (I am so, so proud and excited and anxious).

As part of the OrgComm (Deputy Pub and Comms, apparently, though honestly I’ve only been running around as a writer, social accounts handler and wannabee assistant), I’ve been shuffling through a bunch of ‘dynamic meetings’ the last couple of weeks. Basically, our meetings are so cool we can’t stay in one place, so our productivity sessions take at least five hours and maybe three locations (from QTea, to Jollibee to Cafetaly and random condominiums).

The upside to the added work (and, I admit, my negligence of my other orgs) is the people. The OrgComm people are awesome. I mean, they’re basically the same as the Debate Circle, but panicking over printing stuff and having killer headaches to sort out some details really make a difference.

I’m really excited. On top of the operational success we’re hoping for, Mort and I will also be competing. Kind of looking forward to PICC (the venue), Hotel Jen (the accoms) and the chance to get the 3000USD (okay, we probably can’t get the grand prize to the event we organized, but a poor consumer can dream).

Learn more at http://forum.org and http://www.globalhealthdebates.com !

*I’ve got some photos of people being sleeping, but I am kind and will not publicize them.






And the downside to being busy is being tired. I’m always a little bit weak to the combination of no sleep+lots of work and stress+other factors.

Add the fact that I engaged in my first ever bit of intense exercise last Monday. C and I are enrolled in badminton for the semester, and I was not expecting the drills and workouts that we were subjected to. It was fun, but my legs were still not okay three days later. I am weak.

So I’m sick with colds. Yay.



So right now the fambam’s preparing to go to Nagcarlan, Laguna. Apparently we’re taking advantage of the holiday and going swimming with oft-missed relatives/friends. But it’s raining. I don’t know.

Last night was awesome — I watched The Man from U.N.C.L.E. for the second time. I can now attest in court that the movie is fun and stylish and entertaining enough to be watched more than once. I think I even laughed more last night with my fambam than I did the other day when I watched with R.


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