these rare weekends

In the fast-paced life of a grad student –or indeed, of any adult– weekends are the holy grail, coveted and kind of magical.

A Rose Like No Other | Nanay at 85

We celebrated my maternal grandmother’s 85th birthday (85th!!!! It’s such an overwhelming and positive thing to consider!) last September 19 in Norasville, Nagcarlan, Laguna. Birthday parties are a huge thing for Nagcarleños. Never one to be outdone, my mother directed the party planning with a clear vision –because our Nanay deserves nothing but the best….


For posterity. A short record of debate hijinks, family bonding and sad sick time.

Life Update #724687

And two (or three) other observations along the road to Laguna: The things I say are often inconsistent. It’s not that I lie (though I admit I enjoy a bit of innocent deception); it’s that I forget, quite easily and unfortunately, so I have to make things up to even finish a story. I know…

Weekdays and breaks: a not-summary of events

A graduation Some things end with a happier note; my sister left Ateneo de Manila with a degree in Comm Tech Management and lots of memories (but not a lot of tears). Okay, so this part serves a very simple purpose. I just want to remember what happened, ha. We spent two nights and three…

Prose/Poetry: Memory

I was in Chuy and Kiko Eatery when this happened. From Pablo C. Bueno’s wake. Dated 11 March 2012 from my pocket journal, unedited.  One The Eternal Adoration A million steps and a thousand falls are etched onto the skin of these floors and walls. Each gentler and rough step, or hesitant footfall (your first step,…

Places: Isdaan

(Isdaan crosses the thin line from simple restaurant to a “place”. It’s not just a place to find food –it’s a restaurant slash fun park and all galore. While it lacks gourmet food and a cubic meter empty of people, Isdaan makes more than enough for it with an abundance of “barrio fiesta” food, color and…