Jari in EK: Red, queues and the Montys

  xxx Happy birthday again to my cousin! And thanks for the whole day treat. It was awesome. I have so many other blog posts planned out, but somehow this came out first. And a belated greeting: have a happy Chinese New Year! Follow me on Instagram! ( x )

Music: Filipino Talent x OPM

I’m the definition of mainstream trash with hipster garbage on the side (has anyone ever cared to define that aesthetic ever?); my musical tastes are limited to (American) Top 40 hits and the occasional female indie solo artist. I don’t go out of my way to look for new things to appreciate in music, and I…

Ballet: Dancing in One Voice

I just got home from a sister date (aka thank you, @giannamhere, for the tickets and for dinner). We watched another ballet show and this time I can say I really enjoyed it! The Cultural Center of the Philippines in cooperation with PETRON presents Philippine Ballet Theater in ‘DANCING IN ONE VOICE‘, sound in motion…


For posterity. A short record of debate hijinks, family bonding and sad sick time.

Sister Santa

My sister’s been treating me to all sorts of things, and it’s been wonderful. Read more on our foray into the world of Philippine ballet (The Nutcracker) and into mainstream cinema (Mockingjay Part 1). [Though lbr, it’s been a couple of weeks. This is officially a Late Post.]