For posterity. A short record of debate hijinks, family bonding and sad sick time.

Today, in my history.

I. I was brought to the ER for the first time ever. II. I took my Bio 133 lab exam, even though I was still feeling sick. …If I get any higher than 2.0 on that exam, I’ll treat myself to something especially nice. III. Ateneo Lady Eagles just won their back-to-back championship. I love…


I am once again sick. Damn.  Last (Friday) night I bought the KFC Chicken Burger meal to go and ate it in my dorm. Apparently there was something very wrong with what I ate; I proceeded to vomit my stomach out past midnight, and then vomit again after drinking some water. That was not a…


I accidentally became sick. Fever and coughs, baby.  Productivity to the benefit of myself is therefore a staggering zero. No pictures, because who’d like to see my shining red eyes. ?