still an egg

Just in case you forgot. I am an egg. 1. seriously, i can’t 2. don’t feel like doing anything 3. ahh…I want to live a stable life. nope, never. 4. if you’re going to be late anyway, why don’t you stay back a year? 5. who cares about the weather, i don’t go out anyway…

Music: Filipino Talent x OPM

I’m the definition of mainstream trash with hipster garbage on the side (has anyone ever cared to define that aesthetic ever?); my musical tastes are limited to (American) Top 40 hits and the occasional female indie solo artist. I don’t go out of my way to look for new things to appreciate in music, and I…

Consider this x Vid Picks

1. My soul . 2. Probably my fifth greatest fear . 3. My AU wishes . Hello to my new followers!  Fair (or late?) warning: this personal blog features a mix of content; it’s not a niche or genre or whatever blog. And updates are erratic. Thanks for following ( w ) !  xxx

time off

I’ve been spending the last few days watching Justice League animated movies, episode clips and YouTube videos. And rewatching ATLA for the hundredth time. And sleeping, eating, working out. Painting. Anyway. Look what I found.