Lisa ‘Money’ Dance Cover –No, really.

Hello, I’m back. And I’m welcoming 2022 with the most unlikely content ever.

My first (and probably last) dance cover

At the end of each year, I try to wrap up with a creative piece of art. 2021 was supposed to end with me finally completing my long-overdue Haikyuu tribute acrylic painting, but alas, I ran out of time and willpower. (The unfinished canvas sits gathering dust in my room).

I also ran out of time for: my yearly Lord of the Rings trilogy marathon while wrapping gifts and sending out holiday postcards (they’ll be sent out by spring at this rate). We’re also still waiting for our US Visa renewal documents. Such are the necessary consequences of pre-residency and adulthood.

(Read: Back in Manila: pre-residency, social rounds, and baby steps to adulting)

But I did have just enough time to learn the choreography for Money, a track from BLACKPINK Lisa’s debut single album Lalisa. Her album release is one of the only real good things coming out of last year. As someone taking the first few steps to adulthood (even though my salary in PGH will likely be delayed by a couple of months), I thought the song would be both outrageous and apt.

I say FIRST dance cover, but really there must be a couple of videos of me dancing to other KPop songs out there… It’s the first time I’ve made such an effort though!

Introducing… an attempt at LISA’s Money

The audacity. But also: Please Like And Subscribe. That’s how the YouTubers and social media Influencers go about it, right?

Camera: @giannahere @chatmonty shot with DJI Osmo Pocket
Editor: @giannahere
Producer: @chatmonty
Mental care: my friends
Location: Okada Manila

Okay. I’m done cringing.

This Space 2022

My bare minimum blogging goals for the first quarter of 2022 to keep my sanity and self-awareness while my country and my institution (literally the flagship referral center for COVID cases nationwide) flounder under the strain of another unprecedented surge:

  • Holidays 2021 and Staycation in Okada (January)
  • FM Residency: From 0 to 100 real quick (February)
  • My first time in Pintô Art Museum (March)

Until next time! ❤️

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