Lazy Kitchen Outtakes: Spam Rice Pancake and Hotdog Waffles

Did I enjoy cooking these dishes? Yes.

Do they count as lazy? Probably.

Were they amazing? Kinda? Lol.

Spam Rice Pancake

Spam is polarizing. If the Internet is to be believed, you either really hate it or really love it.

I personally love spam. I love its salty savory taste. Eating spam with garlic rice and fried egg in a karinderia is one of the greatest way to start a 36-hour hospital duty. LOL.

I wanted to try my hand at something different for spam. Is there a way to keep everything I love about it while being creative –without having to put in a lot of effort? (I’m not Tasty Chef Rie, who absolutely killed it with her Make It Fancy Spam.)

Anyway. I found this Spam Rice Pancake recipe by COOKAT on Youtube. I think it’s creative and also fairly lazy. The video’s just a minute long. And each bite is a balanced mix. It’s like fried rice? But in rectangular shape? I guess. I’m not really selling this well…

Spam Rice Pancake by COOKAT

Recipe: Cut out a central rectangular piece from the sliced spam. Then mix rice, egg, whatever diced vegetables, and the leftover spam cut into cubes. Squeeze this mixture into the cavity you made. Fry both sides until cooked and golden.

But the taste was fairly underwhelming. I think making spam fried rice with more soy sauce and seasoning would have been better. Plain spam with ketchup is still the best.

Looks fairly appetizing! But nothing beats plain spam on white rice. Maybe I should have used regular spam instead of spam lite? Try it out and tell me how it went for you!

Hotdog Waffles

I really wanted some corndogs but we didn’t have a corndog maker. Who knew it involved a specific machine?

So I went through the Internet looking for ways to make pseudo-corndogs with a pack of Tender Juicy hotdogs (the only brand that matters, let’s be honest) and a basic waffle mix.

YouTuber emmymadeinjapan tried out several ways to make a passable waffle hot dog in the shape of corndogs. Not really sure it was a success, thinking about it now. But I was excited enough to try her first technique, which involved cutting the hotdog into half and cooking it along with the batter.

WAFFLE HOT DOG Recipe – Weenies by emmymadeinjapan

The biggest takeaway that I had from this experience is that I can actually cook lots of stuff in the waffle maker. It’s a great non-stick pan that even comes with cute little grill-like marks.

I pre-cooked some of the hotdogs before putting it in the batter. Just to be safe.
Anyway this isn’t really revolutionary. I feel like all Filipino moms and cooks have made this at some point. Presenting: hotdogs embedded in waffles.

These are all super simple recipes that aren’t particularly special or noteworthy. But they are filling, and they are easy to make. Wow this post is becoming so somber.

THANK YOU FOR THE EXPERIENCE. Even if I probably won’t cook these again, I still had fun trying the recipes out! I’ll be churning many more experiences in the next few days.

Until next time!

❤️ Your resident kitchen gremlin

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