I Cut My Own Hair!


This post is two days late but at least it’s not clickbait. This is a quick life update, which I haven’t done in awhile…

When the global lockdown first started, everyone started baking bread. Then people discovered Tiktok. Along the way, people started cutting their own hair. I also didn’t want to go to a salon, where the risk of getting COVID-19 must be a bit higher for obvious reasons. So here we are.

As someone with perpetually curly/wavy hair, it doesn’t seem like my hair fell even…. It looks better when styled. IG: @jari_1995

I watched several videos and just went with it.

My advice is to be decisive.

Also, use a sharp pair of scissors. I have very thick hair. You don’t know frustration until you try hacking off your own hair in uneven batches thanks to unfortunately blunt blades.

Honestly most videos on YouTube say the same thing. I liked this one because it was short. LOL.
This one shows how to cut fringe-y side bangs. Again, most videos on YouTube teach similar things.

Confidence is key! I ended up cutting off around 11 inches. Perfect for the muggy weather.

I’ll probably be dressing myself up just to style and appreciate my new DIY haircut. I guess I also need to try out the many skincare/makeup products I bought during the last major sale on Lazada. :)

Take care!

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  1. I used to be a hairdresser for six years and I can attest to having sharp scissors. General purpose scissors are never ever sharp enough, so it’s worth getting an entry-level pair of scissors meant for cutting hair. Good on you for the self-makeover! Many hairdressers I know won’t even dare do it. Thanks for sharing!

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