sometimes the sky

We tried to look for the sunset but buildings were in the way. There’s probably a thesis on the elusive character of nature as exacerbated by human activity, but I can’t be bothered.

Our African Wedding – Imgur

Our African Wedding – Imgur. But please, the pretty. Life update studying Bio 116 still (though obviously I’m on an extended study break); I’ve updated my cv here in WordPress (apparently I made it more christmas-like?); meanwhile I’ve been flooding my own twitter dashboard thing since no one is even online :( ; listening to One Direction’s Midnight Memories album,…

Art Recs: Ashley Mackenzie + Alexander Khokhlov

Sometimes I forget that images can be more puissant than words.   The visual flair of Ashley Mackenzie‘s works demonstrates a striking transcendence through dimensions. What makes it so evocative is the nature of the barriers that she breaks; previously unthought of physical territories are unravelled and then stitched together through a thematic motion of form….

Art Recs: All over the internet

In an effort to clean up my reading list/ bookmarks page and to attain some level of productivity tonight, have some art recs! (I’m still not done going over my saved links though; I’m pretty sure I’ve saved more awesome art!) FABIO SELVATICI’S OBSCURE SERIES, Photomanipulation Pyschosomatic (adj.): a condition caused or aggravated by a…

Photography: Arch

Our Visual Arts Elective has officially ended. While I don’t think I became a brilliant, or even remotely good, photographer, at the very least I can now hold and use a DSLR without killing it by pushing or turning a button. Yeah.