stuck in my room (quarantine edition)

As the President of the Philippines said in his concise, authoritative and assuring manner:

Pwede kayong magbakasyon diyan lang sa bahay. Avoid… I’m sure may mga bagay-bagay diyan sa bahay na hindi pa ninyo nakita.

(TRANS: You can take a vacation inside your house. Avoid… I’m sure there are things inside your home that you haven’t seen before.)

President Rodrigo Duterte. March 13 2020. Watch here.

I’m screaming in sarcasm. But I did still take the advice, so who’s the real fool here?

stuck in my room (quarantine edition)

Even though it’s been a year since we completed the renovation of my room (I even did some finishing touches to the paint), I haven’t really stayed over for more than a weekend or so because of medical school and clerkship.

I think a true silver lining, at least for me, is having the time to appreciate my home –to enjoy some moments with my family, to eat home-cooked meals, and finally to sleep more than two nights on my own bed. Maybe to use my study desk.

I am, literally, rediscovering my room. My own little adventure.

I’m naming this series of random photo edits “berry rouge and tulips“. Those are the two paint colours I chose for my room.

For reference, my room is roughly 10m2. I could just add a tiny kitchen and a 2meter bathroom; I think I can really survive in a tiny home.

I forgot to mention that my bed is from Uratex.

Have you ever visited their shop in Muntinlupa? I secretly love being dragged to their warehouse there because the Uratex branch in Muntinlupa has a couple of fun showrooms. It’s a lot like the Ikea showrooms. (I think furniture window shopping can seriously be a fun hobby).

I haven’t painted in acrylics in awhile, mostly because I’ve run out of the colour white. Like I think I’ve opened up four sets of acrylic paints just to get to the whites…

I should probably just buy a big tub of white some day.

I feel like my studying while under the quarantine is inefficient. I’m trying to cover information from our current missed clinical rotations, while starting on anatomy review for the 2021 boards. Ambitious, I know.

I’ve been distracted. There must be a better way to maximize my study schedule. We’ll see how it works out.

I’m trying to finish Oliver Sacks’ An Anthropologist on Mars, which I think I bought from a Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. I keep being distracted by e-books and fanfiction though.

Fun fact: My mom sewed those dust cover bags herself.

Missing faves: Monet, Klimt, Kandinsky, Manansala…

My mom despairs over my messy shoe shelf every time she visits me in my room. I don’t know how to make the space neater. I could take out a couple of shoes though…

Donate to the COVID-19 Outbreak Response

If you don’t know how else to spend your time while in quarantine, then take a moment to donate to the COVID-19 outbreak response. Whether it’s money, equipment, food, or prayers, it can help make a difference.

I made a blog post with links to COVID-19 fundraising campaigns here.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay at home!

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