Carving out happiness

It’s 11:50PM on a Wednesday night, and I’ve just decided to start writing this blog post. It’s less a cry for help and more a demonstration of a concept –we make time for the things that matter, we decide the shape of our joy.

In this case: blogging and journalling in the middle of another duty at the Ambulatory Care Unit of the ER.

Happy birthday, Mama!

My mom is many things. A filial daughter, a generous mother, a hard and smart worker, and a woman of strength and character. This year, she also turned 50-something years old.

Happy lunch. We planned out our day around little Kaleb’s active hours. It was great seeing Ate Kim and Kuya Gio again. It feels like forever…

We had an extra filling lunch with food ordered from several different suppliers. Please excuse the paltry decorations (in my defense, I had to sit through a research exam that same morning). And yes, I am wearing a @chatmontyhc original.

Time flies crazy fast. It passes by even faster when we don’t get to celebrate with vacations abroad or big parties. We like to joke within our family that the last three or so birthdays don’t count –pandemic aging is hereby invalidated and reversed.

Happy birthday, Mamita! Maybe the real show stealer of the day (or any day for that matter) was our super cute Kaleb. Thank you for being such a bubbly cute baby. There were a couple of hilarious moments of stranger-danger, but by the end of the visit, Kaleb was pretty content in his Mamita’s arms.

P. S. Extra thank you to my batchmates for the flexibility in rearranging our duties so I got to keep this weekend free.

Welcome to Lake Yambo in Laguna

Lake Yambo is one of the famous seven lakes of San Pablo, none of which I’ve visited before the other weekend. And even in this case, we visited it from the Nagcarlan side (where it rightfully belongs), since the lakeshore is apparently less than 15 minutes away from our house in town.

*The other six lakes are Sampaloc, Bunot, Calibato, Pandin, Palakpakin, and Mohicap.

My mom saw this place on her social media feed then almost immediately booked a nearby place for lunch. It was great. The food was so-so, but new experiences always bring me joy.

Lunch at Camp Yambo. I love the aesthetic of the place. In this photo: my cousin Zeus, ate, me, mama, Tita Fely, Tita Lani, Ate Josephine, Tito Delfin, Tito Gil, Tita Mina, Tito Doc. The quote on the wall also reads, “You are exactly where you need to be”. I can only hope so for all of us.

You can check out their website here or their Facebook page here.

Welcome to Nagcarlan Yambo Lake! Here to also highlight the recent family gathering trend of pink-as-dress-code. Peep my mom’s #Kakampink fan. (I think one of our titas gave it to her the other week).

I love the idea of meditating beside lakes and staying in lakeside houses. I think if the weather was a little kinder (ie less chance of fainting due to heat stroke at noon), I’d spend most of my summer days in a place like this.

Beat the sun. We had the option of having our lunch on one of the balsa or rafts. I think the rent is around PHP500, plus PHP200 per head, on top of the actual meal. I’ll revisit the concept when the sun isn’t so crazy hot… The view is incredible though.

And this pretty top

Dedicating a section of this post to my mom’s pretty top (she made it herself!)

Made with care. Featuring my mom cutting one of her cakes that weekend (this one is a gift from Tita Fely), while wearing one of her best crochet creations yet. I really find this patchwork style eye-catching and unique.

Happiness is a feeling

Despite the look and vibe of this blog post, it wasn’t really all fun and games. This all happened considering that recent family crisis I vaguely wrote about. And I was struggling with some work-related things over that weekend. I felt frustrated because I had some deliverables that I wanted to get started on –important but not urgent, as the Eisenhower matrix would put it– but at the same time, I just wanted to enjoy the time with my mom and my family.

One counseling session with my batchmates and Dr. Dionisio later, and I’m feeling several degrees better. I forgive myself for my lapses. I consider my track record of progress as more valuable than my short-term missteps. Etc.

Also, again: we make our own happiness where we can. I choose to be happy.

Until next time! ❤️

P. P. S. By the time this scheduled post goes up, I’ll be back on another shift in the Ambu ER. Time is crazy. Life is short.

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