these rare weekends

In the fast-paced life of a grad student –or indeed, of any adult– weekends are the holy grail, coveted and kind of magical.

A Rose Like No Other | Nanay at 85

We celebrated my maternal grandmother’s 85th birthday (85th!!!! It’s such an overwhelming and positive thing to consider!) last September 19 in Norasville, Nagcarlan, Laguna. Birthday parties are a huge thing for Nagcarleños. Never one to be outdone, my mother directed the party planning with a clear vision –because our Nanay deserves nothing but the best….

2014 x Footnotes

Before I make a post bragging about the roast chicken I cooked (I did a lot of the prep, okay), and actually making my new year post, I’ll add in the last four highlights of my December 2014. And before I forget: THANK YOU to everyone who made 2014 possible and wonderful. The air I breathe. My…

Rise and shine!* …for Simbang Gabi

*Though to be honest, I didn’t wake up early so much as I never slept at all. Simbang Gabi is a well-loved holiday tradition of the Philippine Catholic. For the nine mornings before Christmas Eve, the religious devout (or just plain dedicated) attends mass before the crack of dawn. For some people it’s for the…