Plan with Me: Summer Edition!


Happy 2nd of June!

Disclaimer: I’m trying to work through some unnecessary anxiety, and as always it’s been preventing me from starting or even thinking about my deliverables. Hopefully, writing about my to-do list will help. If not, I’ll just take a lot of deep breaths and rely on the kindness of the people I’m accountable to.

A Monthly Bullet Journal Page for the Summer

With the year-end exams finally done (yay!!!!!!!), summer has officially begun. The 1.5-month vacation means I won’t have to log weekly exams, patient encounters or small group discussions.

However, I still have some personal, academic and work deliverables on deck, so I need to list that down. For the month of June, I’m cramming everything I need to remember into one monthly page instead. Weekly pages? Never heard of her.

As they say: keep it simple, stupid.

I may be too ambitious with the wet-on-wet technique on plain notebook paper.

Up top is the overview calendar for the month. I divided the rest of the page into sections, such as academics, work, and blogging.

You can see I’m still keeping the floral theme I decided on for my 2018 bullet journal. You can read my set-up post here. The flower for the month of June is the beautiful rose, of the genus Rosa, and this flower stands for love and passion. Here’s to rediscovering old loves and new passions!

Breaking down my to-do list

I don’t want to get into too much detail because my future self will hold all of these plans against me…

Academics + Organizational Work

Our group needs to finish the implementation part of our research project (the thought gives me so!!! much!!!! anxiety!!!!). I’m also helping out with a big project under one of my orgs, IMBA, and honestly the responsibility is also giving me anxiety.

“Anxiety” is one of those words I use a lot but there’s really no other explanation for the constant undercurrent of apprehension, foreboding and guilt that I’ve been feeling. Is this blog post helping? I’m not sure. But I resolve to start working on these things today.

I definitely can’t put it off tomorrow! I think I’m attending a book launch tomorrow (why do they hold such things on a Sunday…) so I’ll be emotionally absent the whole day.

Work + Finances

I’m still keeping up with my ghostwriting side-job, so at least I still have steady income on top of my allowance. I’m thinking of looking for more work, but it’s hard to find something that’s as financially rewarding.

I really want to start investing this summer. Investing in something is one of my 2018 goals, and this break is the short window of opportunity I need to put things together.


Ahhh, I’m so behind with blogging. Naturally there’s really no consequence to me not posting anything, except I’ll feel really bad about it.

The things I need to write, finish and post include:

I’ll also be attending a conference this month, and possible travelling out of town with friends. I’m also saving up for something, but that’s a surprise I might not even blog about.

Culture and the Arts

I don’t really have a big plan in mind for this section yet. I did notice that I still have like four blank canvases at home… but I don’t want to waste it. I want to try out something with acrylic using Floetrol, but it’s so hard to find the right paint additive when I go out.

Thinking about it, I’ve wanted to watch ballet again for quite some time. I’m looking at tickets right now but there seems to be no events this month? Help!!! I’m starving.

Does make-up count as “culture and the arts”?

Family and Friends

I mean, who even schedules “family and friends” into their to-do list? This bit will probably be blank for the whole month.

In other news, my brother is now engaged to his girlfriend!!! Hurrah!!!!!!

Ending Notes

How’s your summer going so far? I’ve already had three days of summer and it still feels weird. I can’t remember the last time I woke up to a day of no studying.

Are you going to the beach? Any recommendations of fun things to do? Please remember I’m a sloth!!!


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