Plan with Me: Summer Edition!

The flower for the month of June is the beautiful rose, of the genus Rosa, and this flower stands for love and passion.

time off

I’ve been spending the last few days watching Justice League animated movies, episode clips and YouTube videos. And rewatching ATLA for the hundredth time. And sleeping, eating, working out. Painting. Anyway. Look what I found.

describe a breath of fresh air

I haven’t been posting any substantial content recently because I’ve been trashing around in an exams-induced haze (though that’s now over and done with —YAY SUMMER BREAK!). I wouldn’t have survived without a few breathers in between: dinners and coffee dates, good conversations, movies, and a trip to the Philippine Orthopedic Center for a party. Thanks to…

Life Update #43278

I’m savoring the last few days of vacation. Sue me. In other news I attended this concert with my extended family. It was fun.