I will live my whole life trying to capture the ephemeral. I will stretch our few seconds into eternities.

Plan with Me: Summer Edition!

The flower for the month of June is the beautiful rose, of the genus Rosa, and this flower stands for love and passion.

diy floriography cards

Hi everyone! Happy new year! I want to start the year off right –by giving thanks to the people around me and by spreading the love. What better way to do that than by sending cute personalized cards to people? Before I start with this super short tutorial, I just want to say sorry for…

Crafts: DIY Wired Flower Crown

Prepare yourself for the most unhelpful do-it-yourself blog post ever! Just kidding. Note: This DIY post is for the resourceful and for the impulsive. I wasn’t really planning to do a flower crown last Saturday night, but I ended up making one for no reason at all (???). And since I didn’t exactly prepare for…