My 2020 in art.

The struggle to search for meaning. It’s 2020. There’s art.


I will live my whole life trying to capture the ephemeral. I will stretch our few seconds into eternities.

#SikatPinoy and why I love local

Loving, celebrating and supporting local products is difficult when our malls are saturated with big-name “local” brands (which outsource their manufacturing to China and import their models from Korea) and foreign labels. Aside from tiangges, seasonal mall fairs, and online shopping, we don’t really have a lot of local options. So when an opportunity like Sikat…

Crafts: DIY Wired Flower Crown

Prepare yourself for the most unhelpful do-it-yourself blog post ever! Just kidding. Note: This DIY post is for the resourceful and for the impulsive. I wasn’t really planning to do a flower crown last Saturday night, but I ended up making one for no reason at all (???). And since I didn’t exactly prepare for…