I’ll keep writing.

Poetry from last week. Late night inspirations: friends in love, moments with Mr. Phantom, social anxieties.

In vague chronological order.


i stripped myself of all regrets
and sterilized my life of guilt
the world lacks the strength to hold me
i am a ghost in my own city


if you are a monster,
then i am a god.
we are neither of us made
for this kind of love.

if we are
angry, destructive & weak, 
then this love isn't meant to be.
and so then
we are

we are better.
we are more human. 
we are more. 


"utilitarian sociability"
  "selective attention"
"individualistic pursuits"

Plus a whole essay on my inability to say yes to the good things in life.


                                                i like it best.

                           when you've got your lips 
          pressed against the back of my neck;
your arms wrapped gentle around my waist

                                            and your heart



                                 we are, 


Life Update 

One: I’m done with NMAT.

Two: I’m not done yet with our thesis, special projects and other academic work.

Three: Hi.

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