quotes for the day(s)

I’ve been collecting so many words lately. My lettering and calligraphy can’t quite keep up. But even without asking, I just want to point out that this: and remember: anything divided by their equal will always become one. al v esben was made by a news anchor writing under a pseudonym. Here comes (some of)…

I’ll keep writing.

Poetry from last week. Late night inspirations: friends in love, moments with Mr. Phantom, social anxieties. In vague chronological order. i i stripped myself of all regrets and sterilized my life of guilt the world lacks the strength to hold me i am a ghost in my own city ii if you are a monster,…


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casual pursuits: art practice

I suppose I am now making casual pursuits an actual tag. I used a Speedball C-series nib; the ink is diluted (which is why the texture and consistency is off) because I am a poor art enthusiast. Also I misquoted. Maybe. Other relevant side tags: dumpsite 99, idle thoughts and drafts.

casual pursuits: a lazy art+productivity post

Sometimes you’ve got no direction, nothing to send your love to. What comes out may be shit and disorderly, but at least it’s yours. x x x i fell in love with a man named matilda; he had flowers in his hair and thorns on his lips; oh, oh, i fell in love with a…