murder on the content express

I may say that hallucinations and delusions are positively parasitic, but let it never be said I denounced all flights of fantasy.

I’ll keep writing.

Poetry from last week. Late night inspirations: friends in love, moments with Mr. Phantom, social anxieties. In vague chronological order. i i stripped myself of all regrets and sterilized my life of guilt the world lacks the strength to hold me i am a ghost in my own city ii if you are a monster,…

Botticelli’s women are always beautiful.

I once knew a girl who had fair and glowing skin. She wasn’t like me; she looked nothing like me. Her delicate features sloped in blurred, unassuming lines. Welcoming. Peaceful. They commanded the eyes to follow. She had golden-brown hair, with the kind of curls you don’t expect to be smooth and soft to touch….

and on other words; (an art recs post)

A string of five prose and poetry recommendations, off the top of my head. In no particular order. “My head is bloody, but unbowed.”  Invictus by W. E. Henley I first heard of this piece as a quote from another book, and the words sustained me for a very long time. I used to recite the poem…

Five Reasons Why I Won’t “Fall in Love”. Again.

Writing and performing a personal narrative for Speech 11 was a cathartic and frankly exhausting experience. But watching everyone else was very fun and insightful! Definitely adds new perspectives to life. I posted everything here because I want to. It isn’t that coherent (I’d probably need 15 minutes of speech time to set everything straight),…