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Note: I was supposed to post this ages ago, but I received a wordpress-related scare. I couldn’t type on the post editor section! Actually, I still can’t. I’m using Chrome right now, because for some reason my Safari can’t handle making wordpress posts.

Not proofread.




At the start of films and shows, those adapted from books you’ve loved and read, you remark on the character and think, just wait ’til you get to the next part. Because the characters know nothing of their future at that point; they are utterly clueless to the conflict, climax and resolution, while you know in your heart what’s going to happen (and whatever it may be might not be so pretty).

And that’s us. Not the viewers, but the characters. We are oblivious to our fate, and it makes me shake inside. Because I think of the different diseases we are vulnerable to, all the scars of humanity, and will it be me next? Will I have alzheimer’s or kidney stones or problems with my heart (both and all kinds)? Paralyzed, or poisoned or burned. Rraped in a corner and left to die. It’s impossible to know, and not entirely possible to prevent.

So here we stand in the brink of our prime, ready to face our own roaring twenties. And we’re so, so mortal right now. And we’ll make mistakes, lots of them, all of them; we’ll work towards our regrets and our degradation alongside all our dreams, and it makes me shake. Because the next part, the conflict and the denouement, is just around the corner still, even if it seems far off. And life beyond my prime might not even come, with all the surprises life has to offer. It’s not a movie, not a fairtyale. The end of the credits isn’t my end.

I will die. And I will suffer (as I live and love and laugh). Time passes.

And I am so, so human.



In other news, I now have a tumblr account (the horrors) for fandom related things, and I’ve accomplished one out of the two or four things I should have done this break. Yay!

New Year is just around the corner (how time flies). I suppose I’ll be making a things-to-look-forward-to-in-2013 type of post.

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