Take the wings of morning,

That I will become the executioner for the lives of the living, the dying, and still the dead.

These are the things medical school also teaches.

I’ve known many people now lost to the sea Not unvigilant, or unskilled But human. and as such inherently weak to this force of nature

Weekdays and breaks: a not-summary of events

A graduation Some things end with a happier note; my sister left Ateneo de Manila with a degree in Comm Tech Management and lots of memories (but not a lot of tears). Okay, so this part serves a very simple purpose. I just want to remember what happened, ha. We spent two nights and three…

Things that really matter and stuff:

Note: I was supposed to post this ages ago, but I received a wordpress-related scare. I couldn’t type on the post editor section! Actually, I still can’t. I’m using Chrome right now, because for some reason my Safari can’t handle making wordpress posts. Not proofread.