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I haven’t been posting any substantial content recently because I’ve been trashing around in an exams-induced haze (though that’s now over and done with —YAY SUMMER BREAK!). I wouldn’t have survived without a few breathers in between: dinners and coffee dates, good conversations, movies, and a trip to the Philippine Orthopedic Center for a party. Thanks to…

日本 2015: Osaka

A possibly relatively short post on the things we did in Osaka (Day 1).

日本 2015: Kyoto

This admittedly long blog post covers our time in Kyoto. Featuring bus rides, temples, shrines and rainy days.

日本 2015: Credits and Love

Words and any number of photos, artworks and dedicated poetry would not be enough to express how thankful I am to everyone and everything involved in making Japan 2015 possible. That is:  My family. Hello.