Weekend Date with my Mom in Singapore 2022

After two long pandemic years, my mom and I finally took a trip out of town! #Travel #Vacation #Singapore

PLUS, we finally got to visit Gardens by the Bay –it was under construction during our last SG family trip.

View from the Skyway. We look cute. :) My mom is wearing one of her own handmade crochet creations IG:chatmontyhc and I’m wearing my nth IG:bymeadow piece.

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A Last Minute Vacation

My clinic duty ended around 7PM the night before our trip –I had precious few hours to go back home to the south, pack my luggage, and also sleep. This made a lot of karmic sense given how spontaneous the trip was. My mom and I only decided to travel around August (around the time my sister also went on a trip to Singapore with friends). And I only booked our flight two weeks before (and yes, the price may or may not have been excessive). It’s fine. We made it there and back again. And we had fun, which is the important bit.

I tried to keep a travel journal throughout the entire process of deciding to go to SG then booking a flight to going abroad, but along the way I realized how fast everything happened. I lost the plot. Thankfully, I had enough brain cells to keep taking videos (and enough energy to edit them months later aka just now).

This trip was one of many firsts –first ever trip abroad since the pandemic in 2020 was declared, first one with just the two of us as mom-daughter duo, and the first one I booked and planned at a clutch time of only two weeks ahead! (Blame my erratic work schedule for the last one).

Our goal was just to relax and see more of the world after months seeing the same old faces and places. It’s like a staycation, but abroad. We took it slow with food and shopping and very little on our agenda. I wanted to visit some museums, and my mom wanted to go up the supertree. Even though this is my third time in Singapore (and my mom’s been there an infinite amount of times… maybe…), the small state never fails to deliver new fun.

#singapore #vacation #travel #family #weekend

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See you soon!

Date with My Mom

Our SG trip was really just a series of sit-down meals, photo-ops, and lots of walking. This aimless kind of itinerary is really the vibe when you’re in a lazy mood.

Newton Food Centre. First stop for authentic food was Newton Food Centre, chosen mainly because (a) it was featured in the hit film Crazy Rich Asians and (b) it was only a few stops away from our hotel at Orchard Rd.

Must try food include the satay and the oyster omelette (which we didn’t have the patience for). We also got some naan.

Shoutout to locals (or a Singaporean guy and Malaysian here on a long-term work contract?) for sharing our table and pointing out how to eat properly.
Lazy mornings and coffee. I’m a big advocate of lazy mornings while on this “staycation abroad“. For our first breakfast, we crossed the road to the nearby 24H Starbucks.

It was comfortably overpriced but still delicious. Great for the packed but leisurely tourist-y day.
Fancy at Cafe de Muse. We were tired after our marathon walk through 2 museums and what felt like the entirety of the Gardens by the Bay area, so we had an even later breakfast (brunch?) on our third day.

The food was aesthetic, and the service was great (we had a Filipino server). We stayed for a couple of hours because it started to rain.

See you, Singapore!

I’ll always admire Singapore for their urban planning and green architecture. How great must it be to have the luxury (and integrity) to prioritize the environment, tourism, and economic footprint in one go? The public transit was still easy to access and navigate, places seemed more walkable than ever before (despite the INTENSE heat), and there was no shortage of greenery to be found.

There’s also something to their pride as a state –maybe blessed by something like natural geography or by its people’s strength, Singapore rose from being a British colony to one of the world’s biggest economies. Our journey through the National Museum of Singapore proved that their pre-colonization to contemporary history is filled with direction, industry, and foresight. Their art, culture and technology developed from and are developing a distinct national consciousness.

Maybe it’s easier to maintain that magic discipline when the entire population fits the land area of the greater Manila area…

In any case, I’ll probably be back to admire Singapore some time in the future (but hopefully next year I’ll be crossing the Pacific for a much longer, better-planned trip).

Until then!

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  1. Monch Weller says:

    Fantastic! Great that you managed to return to SG after a while haha! :D If I may ask, what were the requirements you submitted prior to your flight?

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