Jari in EK: Red, queues and the Montys


This is my face four and a half hours after waking (I woke up around 6AM). I was pretty damn happy because we didn’t have to go through the long ticket and entry lines, since we were in a special group reservation. Plebs.
I was supposed to instagram this shot, but at some point I realized that I need to be a bit more creative about my life. Look at my familiar Japan travel shoes!!! (They ended up dead after this EK trip. Lol.)
All events must be celebrated by multiple selfies. My sisters from other mothers (and one from the same mother). That’s the birthday celebrant in the NOPE cap!!! We actually bought her the very same cap as one of our gifts (so I guess now she’s got a matching set for her best friend).
One of the cutest things about my dad’s side of the family is that we love taking pictures of ourselves, of our families, of our relatives taking pictures of other people…
The biologist/plant-enthusiast inside me was squealing! Scattered within the park are these neat little signs informing people about the fauna.
Aside from an overdue celebration for Rafi’s 13th birthday, last Sunday was also the day before the Chinese New Year! I’m not sure what the sign I was posing next to was saying, but it seems Chinese enough…?
And because I want to show off my (sadly tight) red pants and my (cute) tummy, here’s another outfit shot.
EK Jump Shot
Nothing screams F U N like a well-choreographed (not) jump shot, with well-coordinated (yes) red clothes. (c) Anne&Chav
I’ve never ridden the Space Shuttle attraction before. Sometimes it was because I was too scared, or because the ride was closed and under maintenance. But after riding so many other intense roller coasters abroad, I felt like riding Space Shuttle should be a walk in the park. So I tried.
And I survived. The reverse part wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be; what really got me screaming was the anticipation right before the initial drop. Did I already mention that Space Shuttle was my dad’s favorite ride? Well it was, and that makes this milestone even cooler.
Another milestone: I ACTUALLY WON IN A GAME OF SKILL. Ish. Whatever, do you see the words “Legendary!” next to my jacket-clad self? That means I shot the most zombies in the 7D game. I was the best player of the game, and I still can’t believe it.
This is the cutest image you’ll ever see. LOOK AT MY GODDAUGHTER. LOOK. I can’t wait to start earning so that I can spoil her to bits!!!
Me, distracted by the props inside the haunted house: Ang ganda naman ng lamp na ‘yan!!! Pa’no kaya ‘yan ginawa? || Guy in a scary slasher suit: Mas maganda ka *wooooh* …Anyway, I still screamed a lot.
There’s something really magical about carousels.
I’ll fondly remember Jungle Log Jam as that place where I got wet and my high school best friends loudly proclaimed I looked like I just finished having shower sex.
You know, lining up for this ride for ONE HOUR AND THIRTY MINUTES may have been too much, and the reward too little (and also everything I wore became uncomfortably wet). But being with awesome people helped a lot.
I don’t remember the last time I’ve been up a Ferris Wheel. This last trip gave me a new dream: to dine inside a Ferris Wheel cart with person/s I love. (We had tickets for dinner in the sky, but the Rio Grande ride delayed us).
“The magic stays with you.” I hope it does.


Happy birthday again to my cousin! And thanks for the whole day treat. It was awesome.

I have so many other blog posts planned out, but somehow this came out first. And a belated greeting: have a happy Chinese New Year!

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