I am once again sick. Damn. 

Last (Friday) night I bought the KFC Chicken Burger meal to go and ate it in my dorm. Apparently there was something very wrong with what I ate; I proceeded to vomit my stomach out past midnight, and then vomit again after drinking some water. That was not a good experience (naturally). I hate vomiting. I also slept around 2 am already, because I was supposed to be fetched by my brother (so that we could both go home). Unfortunately my bro was running late (very late) so we both decided to have me go home this morning instead. 

This morning: ran slight fever while sleeping (I could feel myself shivering), sweated my life out when the aircon was off, became amazingly hungry because I didn’t have the energy to prepare myself anything, et cetera. By the time my brother came around to pick me up –around 12 or so– I was already sleeping off all those bad deals. Resting wasn’t enough, though, since I still ended up irritatingly dizzy and uncoordinated. 

Then we drove around for 4 hours or so, since we also picked up my sister from Ateneo. Sigh. Not fun. 

Other unfortunate side effects: I still haven’t studied for our Bio DepEx on Monday, wasn’t able to join friends in a Laser Tag thing, wasn’t able to help the world, idk. 

:( I’ve also been sleeping a lot. This is normally a good thing, but I suppose this amount of sleep will already be harmful. 

This is me going online for the first time in 20+ hours. 

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