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Health becomes the battleground of conflicting interests.

Why I love deconstruction

Tired of reading about cardiology, or the world, or life in general? Here’s a post on deconstruction as it applies to fanfiction, gender debates, politics and even medicine.

“Really, I like deconstruction because it basically goes wild with everything and anything. Because we define by différance, constructions and their manifestations can be as endless, limitless and as justifiable as you want it to be.”  

Haikus to Freedom

I was reading the Inquirer a week and a day ago, and I thought of airing some opinions on Philippine news. With some poetry. I. to think of the world quite odd: easy to clamor easy to forget The Philippines is perhaps one of the few “democratic” countries where a corrupt president –overthrown by a mass…

Essay: TH does not believe in religion

I had a nightmare earlier. I had a nightmare, and I woke up praying to the lord for strength. How odd, that for a person who professes no affiliation to a religion, I find myself coming back to the same rituals and the same prayers when I am reduced to my lowest. It must be…

Politics & Culture: the old issue of Sotto

Several weeks ago, a buzz cropped up regarding the many cases of plagiarism committed by Senator Sotto (in assembly). It was revealed that he had lifted words of his speech against abortion from different bloggers. This article Why Tito Sotto’s plagiarism matters is a well-written account of what happened and some of its implications. To quote, …the senator had…