To Tita Beng

I look up to many strong women in my life. The first is my mother, but a close second is you, ninang┬áBeng Mercado. Ever since I could remember, I’ve admired you for living with a certain flair and love for life. You had a taste for the better and finer things: great clothes, classy interior design, furniture, and art. At the same time, your heart was always reaching out for the people you read about on the news.

I am struggling to reconcile the reality of you leaving us last September 14 2019 versus the decades of having you near. Thank you for being a great friend to my mom, for encouraging me in all my kaartehan and in my art, for being a strong mom and sister.

It is a cold comfort to know you are no longer suffering. Rest in peace. We love you po.

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