nine ways to create || adventures in calligraphy 07.07.2015
nine ways to create || adventures in calligraphy 07.07.2015
i crowned myself a saint and forgot i was a sinner || adventures in self-portraiture 09.07.2015

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  1. Peng Garing says:

    Galing! I like the subtle transition of colors – subdued – but you were able to lift your portrait by having a cooler background.

    Strangely (at least for us) halo is popularly attributed to the ancient god Mithras, but appropriated by early Christian painters. More than we care to admit, we are ordinarily aware of the thin divide between pagans and Christians; sinners and saints; secular and religious. You don’t breach anything by preempting a crown. Sainthood is a potential for everyone. :-)

    1. Thanks so much! I’m still learning a lot about watercolor and art in general, so it’s nice to hear such a comment. :D

      Hmm. I do agree that modern religions are largely derivative of other beliefs and cultures, as a consequence of migration and life and whatever.

      But interesting thought. I really would like to think there’s potential for everyone, but still. That’s probably a potential that won’t be realized in my case, haha.

      1. Peng Garing says:

        Walang anoman :-) potential, either realized by external forces or willed. A very nice concept. Hope to read a lot from you :-) gandang araw jari

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