#HistoryCon: the things people do

I took an ill-advised break from studying last Saturday, and had some fun at the first-ever #HistoryCon (tagline: Manila Makes History).

It was also my first time in the World Trade Center (in recent memory)! All the other conventions I’ve attended were in SMX.

I entered the convention with zero expectations. I don’t watch the channel, and I only said yes to the free ticket the day before. Luckily there’s a website.

First Impressions

There were exhibits you’d expect from the History Channel… like aliens and samurai.


For awhile I thought that the students on field trips in the area would end up disappointed, because I wasn’t seeing anything truly historical inside the convention. But I got around and I saw cool deals like this —

Presidential limousines. Actual, honest-to-god limousine cars ridden by previous presidents like Magsaysay and Aguinaldo. Apparently there’s an initiative to create a car museum somewhere, and while I’m not a hardcore car enthusiast, I did love the sleek lines of the black cars.


World War II Veterans Exhibit. I think I shed a tear or two. The exhibit wasn’t spectacular by any means –as in, I feel like the layout of the photos and text could have been improved– but it was lovely still.

This one hit me right in the goddamn feels.

Cars and more cars. Apparently History channel, aside from peddling vintage finds and pawnshops, also deals in detailing cars. With celebrities.

A bunch of bikers with legit leather jackets vroom-ing away!
There were a lot of high quality bikes, cars, boats and even segues in the exhibit (but it was such a hard time trying to get a picture without random people in it). Lovely <3
And Celebrity Wars… celebrities.

And one of the most popular stops in the #HistoryCon was this booth on the popular Heneral Luna movie. In the background, they were playing the trailer for another (must-watch) film called Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo. 

This is a replication of the prop used in the film. In the background, awesome girl stuff is happening.

But that’s not all.

Making History

Honestly, what boggled and interested and entertained me the most during #HistoryCon were all of these attempts at breaking Guinness World Records.

Case #1. World’s Largest Serving of Sautéed Mushrooms.

I didn’t stick around long enough to know what it tasted like. But just. Why?

Case #2. World’s Most Quarterpounders In One Minute.


I’M SCREAMING someone actually broke the world record for most quarter pounders in 1 minute ??? #HistoryCon

A photo posted by Jari Monteagudo (@jarimonty) on Aug 26, 2016 at 9:56pm PD

Case #3. World’s Longest Marathon Watching (Cable) Television.

Sponsored, inexplicably, by Piknik and Yakult. They had to beat a 96-hour record –so.

They’re all, like, a case for the complex and profound nature of man. That we can build cities and travel the stars… and eat one Zark’s Ultimate in under 15 seconds.

And, I think, something I loved as well:


TBH I just made this blog post to prove that I’m not just a med student. Jk. Love you.

Though I should have been studying that weekend.

Or not.

(Abangan the kwento).


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