My 2020 in art.

The struggle to search for meaning. It’s 2020. There’s art.

Footnotes: Racism in medicine

As long as we live in an unequal society, science and medicine will always have a long way to go. #BlackLivesMatter

Movie: Goyo (2018)

A subdued, painful, and introspective cinematic masterpiece. Watch it, love it, support it.

we may not have won tonight

Animals cannot be evil because they do not know what it means to be evil. But we do. And as humanity we have long ago decided to know evil: to understand it intimately, to measure its extent, to judge its worth. To deny. In this manner we have become creatures capable of ethical choice. This 2016, we have collectively…

#HistoryCon: the things people do

I took an ill-advised break from studying last Saturday, and had some fun at the first-ever #HistoryCon (tagline: Manila Makes History). I entered the convention with zero expectations. I don’t watch the channel, and I only said yes to the free ticket the day before. Luckily there’s a website. First Impressions There were exhibits you’d…