X Genetics?

I found this gifset on Tumblr, from what was a scene from the original X-Men trilogy:

Note specifically the quote: "Actually, they discovered that males are the ones who carry the mutant gene and pass it on, so, it's his fault."

Okay so I’m pretty sure that the point of this gifset was to draw parallelisms with sexual closeting but

Until I read an in-universe thesis on mutant genetics, specifically a section on the mode of inheritance of the X gene, I cannot accept the “Actually, they discovered blah blah” science! quoted by Pyro over there. I mean, in what universe would it be evolutionarily advantageous to have the X gene Y-linked?

You know what? Someone in the internet probably thought about this already. I’ll go google stuff.


I feel like I should have a tag for my queued stuff, just so that I don’t fool my future reminiscing self with the when’s and the where’s of the moment.

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