Footnotes: Racism in medicine

As long as we live in an unequal society, science and medicine will always have a long way to go. #BlackLivesMatter

Kracie Food IS CRAZY (and it’s the future!?)

The future is already here. We just don’t know it because the instructions are in Japanese!!! I’m talking about the culinary wonder that is Kracie’s Popin’Cookin’ and Happy Kitchen Sets. You might not have heard of them (I certainly haven’t), but it’s amazing. Since I don’t think I can do the products justice, watch this 6-minute video for some context…

Anatomy and Art

All the same. Then: Figure Drawing (2012) Now: Clinical Anatomy (2016)

this little bug said hello to me

this little bug said hello to me then proceeded to drink me out of my red paint. rude. i knew the bug was drinking its fill because its transparent little body turned red. it scurried away when it noticed i was looking. probably. confession time i accidentally slightly crushed it when i was packing up. i hope…

X Genetics?

I found this gifset on Tumblr, from what was a scene from the original X-Men trilogy: Okay so I’m pretty sure that the point of this gifset was to draw parallelisms with sexual closeting but Until I read an in-universe thesis on mutant genetics, specifically a section on the mode of inheritance of the X…

Perhaps I am no longer a phagocyte, busily and calmly devouring microbes (with bluish temples and freckles). Perhaps I am a microbe, and perhaps there are already thousands of them among us, still—like myself—pretending to be phagocytes… Twenty-second Entry We (Yevgeny Zamyatin)