You know you’ve been affected by one too many bio lectures when your first reaction when seeing this in tumblr

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 15.34.36

is not to “aww” or reminisce about movie-related moments. It’s to think: wow, that’s really, really wrong. And my second reaction of giggling inside my head probably isn’t because of (SCIENCE!!), but I can’t help but be surprised at the fact that Tiana was turned into a male frog. And it’s handled in such a nonchalant manner; nobody cared at all.

And trust me, I know what I’m saying. Anatomically/morphologically speaking, male frogs are smaller than female frogs; the reasons are all up there with words like mating positions and reproductive organs. And yes, some parts are confusing –like the vocal sacs (supposedly seen only in males) found in Prince’s female-sized body, but I suppose that even adds to my point: they might not even be sexually-defined. Maybe a genetic mutation that mixed male and female characteristics? But that’s not all.

So the 2009 Disney-produced movie isn’t just a ninja-style under-your-nose sex-swap, it also features both Tiana and her Prince as not cissexual! That’s right. They continued to act as they would in their human roles –that is, as a woman in a man’s body and as a man in a woman’s (or semi-man’s?) body.


  • Okay haha that was just weird. =)))))))
  • In other news, I am now a proud graduate of Beginner Tennis, yay! After three months of sporadic sessions and forgetting a lot, I can finally hit the ball consistently and with good form.
  • Also, I took two exams (and yes, it’s a Saturday) earlier. It was all good.
  • Tired. I can already see into the stress of next week. D:
  • My femily (thinking of mixing the words “female” and “family” to refer to my sister and mother, will it work?) and I are planning to run 3k or 5k in the AETAKBO hosted by Ateneo on the 24th. I think. But then a friend’s baby sister’s dedication is on that day, and I’d rather like to go. We’ll see.
  • Sleeeeeep and work whot.

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  1. Your weirdness continues to amuse me, Jari. =)

  2. I just always come back to this post if I want to laugh hahahahha! =))))

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