Politics: featuring Todd Akin, the sexist and the stupid

“Sexist” and “stupid” may or may not refer to Todd Akin. And Paul Ryan.

I am so exited for November 6 to come and pass. Seeing all of the articles about certain forms of stupidity and misogyny (particularly from the Republicans) and hearing about them make me so frustrated. :/ I’m not even American. Given the chance I’ll probably press a million links to the unrepentant missteps by different personalities. Honestly. I’m linking this first because it’s the oldest in my reading list, and it also has Rachel Maddow.

Akin, a Republican congressman from Missouri, provoked ire when he attempted to explain his anti-abortion stance over the weekend. “From what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare,” he said about pregnancy caused by rape. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Later on, Akin corrected his statement by saying that he meant “forcible rape”, not legitimate rape.  OH MY GOSH CHECK THE MEANING OF RAPE THERE ARE NO FREAKING QUALIFICATIONS. :( 

Rachel Maddow On Todd Akin: Where’s The Freakout Over Paul Ryan’s Abortion Record? (VIDEO).

I’ll have to have a quota on the number of sites I could press in a day. Haha. I have to many things to shaaare.

On another note, our President met with Prime Minister Gillard in Australia. (I love Gillard, specifically for a certain speech she gave against the displayed misogyny of the Opposition.) What was funny and remarkable about the whole thing was that Aquino got a stomach ache in the middle of the thrown dinner, so he had to excuse himself. :) Cutie.

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