In Progress

I haven’t posted anything in a while, mostly because I don’t have anything complete to present to the world. My “In Progress” desktop folder is full of things I can’t seem to finish once I’ve started. I will finish them, though. I promise. Image

We have all of these random articles, primers or opinions I’m working on, some of them already tapping the 2000 word count bar. Honestly, the most difficult part in finishing these is finding sources. It’s such a tiresome duty. (Spoilers below)


And then I’ve got a bunch of poetry and poetry prose… (and yes that is the Burmese Climbing Rhyme I’ve been working on since the START OF THE TERM) 


Plus I’m working on finishing the TRAVELS page and on creating a page dedicated to my collection of notebooks (yes).

Last on blog-related WIPs is my review of certain services, specifically medical and insurance-based, which caused a lot of inconveniences and hurt for my mom/family. :( Naturally the government will come in there too, since their laws aren’t effective in protecting us consumers.  

My studying is similarly “in progress”. Haha. I woke up around five hours ago –early by my standards– with the idea that I could study before lunch. In the end, I watched around twenty-five minutes of X-Men First Class (I just got a copy last week), browsed Tumblr and had fun lolling around my bed and sleeping. 

I knew I had to study. Really. I kept on setting alarms at 30 minute intervals to wake myself up. When I finally decided to study, around 30 minutes ago, I still felt a decided sense of laziness. I opened my book to the Genetics section and promptly told myself I could read this and take notes Sunday night instead. 

Also on Sunday I’ll be going on a three-hour trip with my blockmates and a bunch of other batchmates to do some Geology 1 field work. Fun? I hope so. I’m just bummed by the fact that we won’t be making any pit-stops, i.e. I need to prepare packed breakfast (we’re leaving at 4 am), lunch and snacks. 

Off to eat lunch! Then pack my bags. :( 

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  1. New themeeee! :O Haha. :)

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