Art: Notebook Designs! Part Un.

For the past two weeks or so, I’ve taken to transforming plain Muji notebooks (five pieces at P215, 30 sheets each) into not-plain ones with a Sharpie pen, my trusty Staedler set, pencils and some other miscellaneous gel pens. 

Excuse the hint of clutter.

(Note) I love Muji. :) I especially like their packaging and the design of the store itself. It’s so neat/uncluttered, giving the appearance of products for the very organized, stable and professional lifestyle. 

I’ve been giving the notebooks away as “Happy Day! (No Occasion)” gifts (see my first art post, which was also a non-birthday gift) , though the Chum Book is for a group of people, not an individual. It’s not a short story. Also the superhero-designed notebook was kind of a birthday gift, but it was given a day late so I maintain it’s not. The designs come from inside-joke type of things (relatable only to us) that arose from our classes/other activities. The fonts are based from free fonts I downloaded, but obviously with modifications, since I had to improvise to account for personality, space restrictions and very human mistakes. Please comment if you’d like to know which fonts I based from for a specific notebook; unfortunately I didn’t save my pegs because I’m stupid like that. It would take some time to scroll through my font book; rest assured I don’t take credit for any of them.  

I can take requests, though I might not grant them. They were made mostly as the products of my whims and free time; not sure if I’ll have those any time soon. Still! There are more plain notebooks to transform. :) 

I blame my camera phone for the quality of my pics (or the lighting in my dorm, really). 

About Alliteration And Angiosperms!
The main text’s one of those things that our Geo teacher says a lot. Haha.
One of the more memorable quotes from our Histo teacher, who ranks in level infinite (in skills).
The back of the History notebook. :) It’s one of my favorite quotes from Rizal.
It’s a customized slam book. I don’t even know.
Tee hee. Very happy because I came up with a design where I didn’t have to draw Batman’s pecs and abs. Also the Batsignal is inverted. Ignore.
Other side of Batman is Spiderman. Apparently the two of them are my friend’s favorites. :) I was supposed to fit in Midtown High somewhere, but I wasn’t sure how.

The end. Well, not yet. :) Hopefully more to come! It’s really nice to make people marginally happier by giving them (not-so-random-or-secret) gifts. 

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