Turning 26

(Hopefully this is my last year celebrating at home because of the pandemic).

I have been “languishing” (proposed to be the emotion of the year) the last few days since the end of our four-day Physician Licensure Exams. It is part exhaustion, part anxiety/depression, and part introspection. I am, after all, a consummate introvert when I want to be.

I did not want to be perceived. I do not want to be perceived. For practical purposes, until the PLE results are out, I don’t exist.

Even better: do not perceive me. In other news, I can’t believe I had to explain this meme to my older millennial friends.

But even a very shy, very tired butterfly has to come out of its cocoon sometime. And there was no better reason than another year of living to celebrate.

Somehow, in a year full of nothings and everything, the calendar saw fit to turn its pages to November again. Hashtag Scorpio season, or something.

Family, friends, and online meetups

Celebrating with the “extended” nuclear family (if you consider baby Kaleb as the index). So happy I got to break my post-PLE isolation with some good food and company.
Make a wish! Featuring the classic pandemic-era banners and balloons in the background (as styled by my mom), and food+cake from Mary Grace Cafe.

P.S. Platter serving size and taste were 10/10, super value for money —but their service can do with a lot of patience!
Hand-piped Garden Cake (with classic chocolate cake underneath). My usual go-to is any chocolate cake (literally give me a Red Ribbon slice and I’m good to go), but my mom spiced things up with this design. As everyone and their dog knows, I love flowers, so this was such a sweet touch.
Sometimes the effort counts more than what’s inside (yes, my sister did make the effort to wrap that gift on the right… the point is she tried). My mom got me a custom crochet bikini (pandemic please end and show me the nearest exit to the beach please), and my sister got me a Funko pop of Deku from MHA. Thank you!!!

P.S. You can check more of my mom’s crochet works here.
November babies! I’m not the only November celebrant in my mom’s side of the family, so it was nice to see everyone get together for catching up and a prayer. (This was us post-prandial, though, with more than a little bit of struggle with our spotty Internet).

Another year

Another year means more opportunities for growth, self-reflection, and love. (With hopefully a better President this coming #Halalan2022).

I’ve recently started going through The Daily Stoic, a collection of daily meditations as compiled and commented on by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman. It will hopefully bring more guidance and insight to my daily meditation.

Today’s reflection “Actors in a Play” features this apt line:

The Stoics remind us that whatever happens to us today or over the course of our lives, wherever we fall on the intellectual, social, or physical spectra, our job is not to complain or bemoan our plight but to do the best we can to accept it and fulfill it.

November 8th, ACTORS IN A PLAY

I don’t know exactly the next scenes in this script called life, or even what role I will ultimately play in the lives of the people around me. But I am looking forward to moving one block and line at a time, with all earnestness and desire to excel.

Until next time! ❤️

EDIT (2021/11/09): We got mail! I received this super sweet and thoughtful care package from my (ASMPH) friends. Our chat name is Chika Minute (it’s like a watershed of all the latest news and gossip).

Since I’m the last in our group to celebrate her birthday given the calendar year, I already had a vague inkling of what form of love they’d send over. Last year we even had the big brain idea of splicing together dance covers and video greetingd for each other (very KPop). 😂😤 But it was still exciting waiting for what exactly will be in the mail. I love this kind of anticipation.

Yellow is the color of happiness. 💛 And also laziness (in the case of Gudetama) and passion (hi Chimmy!). I feel so comforted. 🥺💛

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  1. Monch Weller says:

    Happy Birthday! 🎂

    1. jari m says:

      Thank you! 💕

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