baby baby baby

This is a (short) blog post celebrating the cutest baby in the world, my nibling Kaleb. ❤️ He’s already two months old! Or young. In any case, time flies fast (though it has probably felt like several lifetimes for my brother and sister).

I’ve only properly visited my brother’s house twice in as many months. It’s an unfortunate combination of some weeks of enhanced quarantine, that one week admission in the hospital we won’t talk about here, that few weeks leading up to the PLE-that-wasn’t, and so on. I hope to have more opportunities to be an annoying younger sister and fabulously indulgent aunt in the near future.

In the meantime: photos.

Throwback: Kaleb at 2 weeks old. I blogged a sentence or two on this first visit here.
And now at (almost) two months! He has a healthy weight, a good appetite, and a lot of energy. Thank you for being such a cutie.

And it takes a good while to get him to sleep, and very little to get him to wake up. But I suppose we can forgive him this little thing (it’s not like he has a choice).

One of the fun “bonding” activities we had that day was watching Space Jam (2021). Allegedly. Kaleb had to leave the room only a few minutes in to go try to sleep again, so it was really only my sister and I (and occasionally our brother) left to appreciate that ride. It had a surprising amount of DC character cameos on it, which I really loved since I’ve been on a batfamily binge lately.

Looking for a team? This Justice League isn’t looking for recruits. 🥲

Thar scene also amused me specifically because it featured Superman (Ate Kim is a fan). That fact actually inspired one of the first sketches I’ve ever done on Procreate a month or so ago…

Kaleb, Kal-eb, Kal-el? Flying through the skies. I drew it from several reference photos pulled from the Internet. It’s only really now at 2 months old that he’s this chubby. A pair of pata, as we call his cute pinchable thighs.

This is an excerpt from the very long journal I wrote later that day:

When he was only one week old, nothing about Kaleb was distinguishable from other babies (aside from maybe his Lansang looks and his emergency stay at the hospital). Brave cute little boy, but the reasons to love him were the same as the reasons to love any other baby. He exists, his parents love him, he’s armed with the evolutionary power called cuteness.

But now! At seven weeks old, we can now carefully assign him some baby personalities (which, like baby teeth, will grow out and change and be replaced). He’s struggling through his sleeping schedule, but he’s probably trying his best. He does a little frog leg position with matching crunch when he passes his first poop of the day. He definitively smells like baby. His body knows how to smile, laugh, hiccup, and coo like all good little babies should. He can’t lift up his head yet, but he can track close objects and stare at the living room ceiling or the little garden wall. He has enough energy to keep going without naps, and more than enough energy to keep his little left arm raised high when he’s lying down. He already outgrew some well-laundered older-baby socks that he never even got to wear.

From a crowd of babies he’s just an averagely-sized, exceedingly handsome specimen. But look a little closer and he’s made up of all these little facts. What a unique and stellar baby. Amazing.

Stay safe and healthy, please. Until next time! ❤️

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